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Chasing Demon is the youngest disciple of Divine Demon. His real name is Rufus.

He has a burly body filled with scars. He has short brown hair, piercing red eyes, a sharp face and thin eyebrows.

He is the sect master of the Chasing Demon Sect and the patriarch of The Hive.

I hereby give the title of Demon Prince to Noah Balvan, the cultivator that has successfully retrieved the Inheritance of our ancestor. He will lead you to battle, follow his orders as if they were mine.
Chasing Demon (chapter 416)

= Trivia =

• Chasing Demon died in chapter 1147 in a fight with King Elbas.

His last words: "I know you don't want to be a leader, but you still deserve a title worthy of your achievements. From now on, you will be Defying Demon. May the Immortal Lands tremble when they hear your name."