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She had long black hair and ice-blue eyes. She was a beautiful woman.


Lily is the Mother of Noah Balvan. Rhys brought her in outer circle because She resembles her dead wife. She was of commoner origin and lived in the Outer Circle of the Balvan Family Mansion.

  • When Noah became well-known in the outer circle and began his cultivation journey, Rhys Balvan began to abuse Lily because his 2 legitimate children were inferior to Noah.
  • She willingly took the abuse and attempted to hide it from Noah, so that he could continue his cultivation. When it became known that Noah had the rare and powerful Darkness Element. Rhys Balvan decided to disfigure Lily's beautiful face in order to dissuade Noah from cultivating. Lily saw this coming, so she injured Rhys' eye, then commited suicide, so that she couldn't be used to chain Noah.
  • Noah swore to have revenge for his Mother and this was one of the reason behind his obsession with cultivation.