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'If my opponent is faster than me, I will lay a trap and prevent him from escaping; if my opponent is stronger than me, I will escape his grasp until he is exhausted; if my opponent is smarter than me, I will sever his limbs and render him unable to take any action; if he is all three of them...'

'If he is all three of them, I will become a monster and do all it takes to defeat him.'

Noah Balvan

Noah Balvan is the main Protagonist of Birth of the Demonic Sword. You follow his journey, climbing the ranks of cultivators in a magical fantasy world.


First Life

Noah was a simple socially detached kid in his previous life. He played games, read books and drank alcohol, anything else was boring to him. When he was 14 he figured out that something was not entirely right with him.

He lived an aimless life until he died of a gunshot wound to the chest in an accident at 25 Years old

Current Life

Noah was born in a Mid-level Noble family. He is the son of Lily (a whore) and Rhys Balvan (3rd Son of Thomas Balvan). Since he was the son of a whore he is not considered as a true descendant and is thus a referred as a Bastard. Due to his status as a bastard he was expected to become either a Guard for the True Heirs of the family or become a Counsellor for the Balvan Family. Personally Noah being a Transmigrated person wanted to follow the path of Cultivation after seeing his Grand Father fighting a Dragon.

Noah is taken under William Challis as a Disciple on the orders from the Captain after they found the he was scamming the guards and learning their tricks/methods. Noah grew exponentially and seeing this Rhys (Noah's Father) was angry as Noah was better in cultivation and stuff than the heirs he had from his beloved wife Rebecca. Seeing that Noah was doing well in his Cultivation Lily decided to Kill Herself so that Noah would not be held back by her. She happily gave up her life and also attempted to Kill Rhys so that he won't be trouble for Noah.

After Lily's death Noah was appointed as a guard in the inner circle where he was put under the Command of Thomas' second son. Noah had by that time began to realise that the Balvan family will try to limit him so that he doesn't become too difficult to control. After sometime Noah along with his Cousins and Step-Siblings had to go to the Inheritance grounds owned by the Shoshti Family as a mission. The mission was in a separate dimension. He fled from the sperate dimension after killing the people of Balvan Family. After escaping the separate dimension and making a deal with Eccentric Thunder (The will of the person who created the Inheritance) he escaped to ____City(I don't remember the name). There under the alias of Vance he took the test to become a disciple in the Royal Academy in which he broke the previous record for highest score. He then joined the Academy of The Utra Nation, where he met June Ballor and Daniel Udye. After that some stuff happened and he had to escape Utra Nation.

Afterwards, he left The Utra Nation and was captured by Odrea Nation. Odrea nation was at war with The Shandal Empire. He was given the incentive that if he could kill 100 Red Soldiers in the monthly battles he would be freed. Some stuff happened, he helped them by making a lot of instabilities (exploding inscription items made from magical beast parts). He killed a lot of enemies in the monthly wars, their he got his alias The Hooded Devil (Cus he wore a hood to hide his face). Ofc we should not forget he was in an intimate relationship with a girl named Nina there.

After leaving the Odrea Nation he escaped to the Archipelago Islands which was a group of Islands under the rule of the Three Major Nations of the Continent. There he was invited to the Chasing Demon Sect one of the top three existences within the Hive by Roy Red-Eyes (the Recruiter) and joined as an Honorary Disciple. (ch 336)

In the Chasing Demon Sect he completed a bunch of missions and did a Stuff. Then the Inheritance ground of the Divine Demon was found and after reaching rank 3(Dantian). He got the inheritance and became the heir to the Divine Demon. This was because the Divine Demon saw him worthy of becoming a God(Divine Ranked Being) as had created his own technique (shadow sprint). He was given a bunch of stuff along with Rank 6 ring with the ability to self-destruct and Divine Deduction Technique created by Divine Demon.

After confirming that he was the heir to the Divine Demon, Chasing Demon bestowed upon him the title of Demon Prince and told him to lead the Human cultivators to fight against the Legal Organizations of Archipelago after The Hive announced its independence as an fourth Organization.

(I will be adding more to it after I read. I am still around 450)

After the Fallen Piece of the Immortal Lands fell, Noah was one of the first to arrive on it from Hive.

During the Winged beast crisis He and June Ballor accepted eachother as Lovers but due the political situation they had to separate.

After entering the portal to the different world, he found other Hybrids like him (not exactly) there. He and June would meet secretly in June's room there.

After the Bloodline clan's tried to capture them, Noah, June and Faith Vigny fled from the castle they were staying at to the forest where he became friends with Faith.

They discovered traces of ancient civilization and drawings of flying snakes in the forest and after following the traces they arrived at an island where Flying Snake Ancestor was imprisoned.

When Flying Snake Ancestor tried to change Noah into a perfect existence (into a magical beast with sea of consciousness), Noah poured all his individuality and existence into a core effectively creating a living weapon(Demonic Sword) and completing his individuality thus stopping the process of turning into 'perfect existence' (correct it if there is anything wrong here, it's been a long time so I might have forgotten something)

After that sometime later Gods __ Hand Ascended to the Immortal Lands. The God Of the Empire went away with him, the Hive, Elbas Family and Papral Nation started war on the Empire as Almighty was Gone. They soon threw The Empire out of the New Continent. They found the Stele of Some Divine Being of Water Aptitude and made a City called Divine market there. Noah became its Ambassador (From Hive's side)

......more will be added later.


First Life

Noah loved playing games, reading books and getting drunk. He found anything else boring. He was detached person that thought nothing of Human Society Rules.

Current Life

Noah is an extremely hard-working and goal driven person. His ambition is beyond the stars. He neglects his appearance and sometimes even skips on sleep and food to continue his training.


He is described as having the same blue color eyes and gentle facial features of his mother, Lily. He usually has long, black hair. His height is average. Noah likes wearing black robes.

He neglects his appearance most of the time due to his intense training.

The pupils of his eyes changed to become verticals like those of dragons when he became an hybrid. (chap 481)

After Flying Snake Ancestor tried to change him into a perfect existence and he regained his "optimal human form" after the he forced the process to fail chap 769:

  • His skin had become rough and we can notice a few sparse scales on him even if they weren't black like those of the Cursed Dragon. Though the sparse dragon scales on his skin disappeared after his body broke through into the 6th tier.
  • His nails had become black and metallic. They would resemble claws if they were more prominent and pointy, but they had returned to their previous shape, fortunately.
  • His size had changed too. He was at least ten centimeters taller than before.
  • His soft hair had become more robust. It was still long and a bit wild, but it had assumed metallic properties that made it reflect part of the light that landed on it.
  • His long hair doesn't fly in air like before as they appear heavier and gives appearance of black metal wires.


  • Noah's first human kill was a bald, fat man named Balor, at age 11 in Chapter 25. By Chapter 50 and age 13, he had killed 67 people.
  • Noah had sex for the first time with Gillian in the city of Slyfall for a Map of the Old Continent. (chap 260)
  • Noah had had a sexual relationship with Nina for a few months when he was part of the Odrea Nation army chap. 306-313
  • Reunited with June in chap 582 on Fallen Piece of the Immortal Lands
  • Had sex with June for the first time in chap 594
  • During the Winged Beasts Crisis, Noah and June accepted each other as lovers.
  • Noah obtained both of his titles - Demon Prince (chap 416); and Defying Demon (chap 1147) - from the Patriarch of The Hive, Chasing Demon.
  • He created a fourth centre of power in his hearth and called it the Dark Star. It is meant to store his Higher Energy.


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