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Vice Captain of the Balvan Family Guard. Lives in the Outer Circle of the Balvan Family Mansion.

Also known as Smiling Blade.

An average looking man in his forties, 1.70 meters tall, no beard and some slightly long blonde hair. A playful face and a slight smile.

After seeing Noah successfully use the Snake-Wrist Technique in a sparring match with a Royal Guard, the Captain and William decided it was in the best interest of the family to teach him instead of having his hatred towards the Balvan Family grow.

William became Noah Balvan's first Cultivation Master.

A broken, tortured and imprisoned William was used as a shield/hostage by Thomas Balvan when Noah Balvan invaded the Balvan Mansion, after Noah Balvan and William reconciled, Noah Balvan used his newly upgraded spell to annihilate Keith Balvan, an unnamed female heroic of rank 4 and William[1].


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